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Snack Company Claims Small Victory In Possibly Changing The FDA’s Mind

According to the CEO of a snack bar company, the FDA has agreed that nuts, despite the presence of saturated fats, could actually be a healthy ingredient in food products. In a March 2015 warning letter to KIND LLC, the FDA said “none of your products listed above meet the requirements for use of the nutrient content claim ‘healthy’ that are set forth in” the applicable regulation. The company says it achieved a small but significant victory when the agency later reversed at least part of its decision. Daniel Lubetzky says he’s not sure his company is going to put the healthy claim back on its packaging, because products continue to sell without it. He acknowledges some satisfaction, however, in getting his point across to the FDA.... More

"FDA’s Package Deal: 5 Questions with KIND Snacks CEO Daniel Lubetzky", BrandChannel, May 12, 2016

ConAgra’s Alexia Frozen Foods Moving Quickly Toward Non-GMO

ConAgra Foods said it hopes to have all of its Alexia brand frozen French fries and other frozen vegetable products GMO-free by the end of the year. According to a company spokesman, the Non-GMO initiative is already 90 percent complete. ConAgra acquired the Alexia brand in 2007, five years after Alexia was founded. Besides premium fries, Alexia markets gourmet potato side dishes and organic vegetables.

"Alexia closes in on full Non-GMO Project verification", Food Business News, May 11, 2016

Purveyors Of Nutrition Information Are Changing America’s Mind About Food

A survey of a thousand American adults discovered that many have changed their minds or behaviors about food and nutrition in the past year, to a great extent because of information obtained from news or other media. Sponsored by the Food Information Council, the survey found an average of 31 percent had changed their minds about at least one dietary component, “for better or worse.” Media information turned many people against enriched refined grains, saturated fat, added sugars, and low-calorie sweeteners. At the same time, the media helped persuade consumers of the healthfulness of whole grains, protein from plant sources, and natural sugars. Forty-four percent indicated that reading a book or article, or watching a movie or... More

"2016 Food and Health Survey", International Food Information Council Foundation, May 11, 2016

FDA Survey: Consumers Do Check The Food Nutrition Label

An FDA health and diet survey regarding the usefulness of food label nutrition information found that 78 percent check the label at least sometimes before purchasing, and 50 percent check it most of the time or always. The agency is putting the finishing touches on a new version of the ubiquitous nutrition facts label found on foods and beverages to help achieve the goal of reducing obesity and salt intake. Almost 90 percent of adults surveyed indicated they consumed more sodium than was healthy. Seventy-five percent said supermarket foods had more, or about the same amount of, sodium they did five years ago.

"2014 FDA Health and Diet Survey", U.S. Food and Drug Administration, May 06, 2016

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